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Personal Risk

  • Marlin Solutions Ltd will help you to get the right cover and the right advice to protect you and those you care about.

    Consider the following Questions:
    1. If you were diagnosed with a critical condition such as Cancer or a Heart Attack, and you were off work for more than 3 months, do you have the ability to recover and survive financially while you are recovering physically?
    2. Will your loved ones be well provided for if you found out you have less than 12 months to live?
    3. If you had a disability that became permanent, and you could no longer do what you are trained to do, how would you and your family survive financially?
  • You will get a personalised written report based on the information you supplied which will recommend appropriate cover for your needs and your budget. Marlin Solutions Ltd will help you to "Hook into Good Value and Great Advice".
  • Mark can provide you with information on all personal risk cover such as Life Cover, Trauma Cover, Mortgage Protection, Income Protection, Disability Cover & Health Cover. "If you have your own business, Marlin Solutions can also help you to protect your income and/or your business expenses, so your business can still continue, if something was to happen to you".
  • If you think you are paying too much for your personal insurances, give Mark a call for a free analysis of your insurance needs and a written recommendation on appropriate cover for you and your budget!

Business Cover

If you have your own business, let Marlin Solutions help you to get the right cover to protect your income if something was to happen to you.

Consider the following questions:

  • Do you have the right mix of ACC and Disability Income cover, so you are getting the best value for your premiums?
  • Are you able to pay someone else to keep your business going while you recover from a critical condition such as a heart attack, or cancer?
  • Are you able to cover all your Overheads, if you are unable to work for a while due to a disability? (e.g. Business Loans, Rent / Lease payments, etc)
  • Do you need to protect a Key Person within your business, or business partner, so your business can still continue if something was to happen to them?
  • Do you need help with a Buy/Sell Agreement, in the event of a business partner dying or being permanently disabled?

Hook into good Value and Great Advice with Marlin Solutions Ltd

Other Insurances

  • Marlin Solutions Ltd prefers to utilise specialist advice from other accredited advisers when it comes to other insurances such as Domestic and Commercial Insurances, to ensure our clients get non-bias, independent and up-to-date advice.
  • Marlin Solutions works closely with specialists from within the insurance field and will make a referral, and get someone to send you a quote, and / or information, or give you a call.