debt reduction Plans

Debt Reduction Plans

Debt Management Plans Hamilton | Debt Reduction Services Hamilton

  • Mark is a registered Financial Adviser and he can complete an audit of your income, your expenses, your debts, and your plans for the future. This information is then put thru a computer programme and then you will be provided with a Financial Overview of your current financial situation, and a Personalised Plan showing you how to achieve your goals and save thousands of dollars in Interest, by becoming debt free faster and more efficiently!
  • Who Keeps track of your Money?
    We can help you:
    1. Get proactive with your money and be in control of your finances
    2. Set and achieve financial goals
    3. Take the hassle out of managing your finances
    4. Save money in Interest costs
    5. Pay off your debt faster
    6. Increase your wealth / equity

Mark & Martyn use and recommend Xero which will help you manage your household finances like a well run business.

  • It starts with your own Personalised Plan, based on your financial audit​
  • Then this plan is entered into a personalised accounting program by Xero, which connects to your online banking, so you are able to run your home finances like a business and monitor and track your progress
  • Then you are provided with Training and Support to help you get the most out of Xero and your Debt Management plan, including telephone reviews, so you gain equity faster and save time and money in the process!
    1. Imagine paying off your mortgage faster than you initially thought and not paying those overseas lenders all that interest, what could you do with that extra income? Dare to dream!
    2. Financial freedom may not be as difficult to achieve as you thought. Give Futurisk Waikato a call to arrange a meeting, either at your own home, workplace or another convenient location of your choice.
    3. Take the hassle out of managing your finances and become debt-free faster with your own Debt Management Plan.
    4. With the right plans in place, you can get the most out of your money instead of the bank.
    5. Futurisk Waikato can also help you get the right home loans, and the right insurance cover, so with the help of your own Debt Management plan, you can still be debt free even if a disaster does occur.