About Us

About Us


The Principal adviser, Mark Henderson, has over 17 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry, starting as an Insurance Adviser in 2003 and later in 2005 becoming a Consultant with Mortgage Solutions and Financial Services Ltd. In 2010 Mark helped develop the “M-Power” Debt Reduction service with Fortifi Financial Solutions and in 2013 he started his own company – Marlin Solutions Ltd.

The Marlin Solutions logo (a greenstone fish hook) represents strength, prosperity, abundance and a great respect for the sea. You could interpret the "sea" as the turbulent waters of the financial world... let Mark and his team guide you through to a more secure future and calmer seas.
In 2017 Martyn Todd joined our team as a Financial Adviser. Martyn has 6 years experience in the Financial Services industry and is looking forward to helping clients with their Personal Risk Insurance and Home Loans

In 2020 Mark joined forces with Joe Singh from Palmerston North and they formed Futurisk Insurance (Waikato) Ltd and with their combined resources they are able to provide better service to existing clients (from Marlin Solutions) and future clients.

At Futurisk Waikato our mission is to spend time getting to understand you and your financial goals so we can provide you personalised advice. We offer you plans and support which are appropriate for your circumstances and concerns, to help you feel more secure and in control of your financial future.

The Futurisk Waikato Team also includes:

Client & Business Support: by Martyn Todd (Hamilton) and Marilyn & Carolyn (Palmerston North)

Domestic Insurance (House, Car and Contents): Grashella & Michelle M (Palmerston North)

Commercial Insurance (Business Cover, PI Cover; etc:) Michelle M (Palmerston North)

Lead Generator: Kendall Ellis

This team helps in the smooth operation of Futurisk Waikato and strives to provide an exceptional service to all our clients.

We are a Participant of the Financial Services Complaints Limited Disputes Resolution Scheme (FSCL Scheme). The FSCL Scheme resolves complaints about insurance and financial services. It is a free service for our customers. If we are unable to resolve your problem, contact the FSCL Scheme. See www.fscl.org.nz or email: info@fscl.org.nz or Freephone 0800 347257

Membership of Industry Associations

All our Advisors are Registered Financial Advisors and Futurisk Waikato is a current member of the New Zealand Financial Services Group (NZFSG), Financial Advice New Zealand (FANZ). Futurisk Waikato maintain a high standard of ethics and professionalism aligned with those of NZFSG, FANZ, and the Financial Services Act 2008.

All our Financial Advisors have completed Product Accreditation courses with a variety of Insurance providers.
They all regularly attend educational seminars run in conjunction with Insurance Providers and get ongoing training from peers within our group. Mark has completed a National Certificate in Financial Services (Financial Advice)(Level 5) and is certified to provide Insurance Advice and Residential Property Lending Advice. Martyn has a Bachelors degree in Corporate Finance and is currently working towards a National Certificate in Financial Services (Financial Advice) (Level 5) Certificate in Insurance and Wealth Management.

Disputes Resolution – Futurisk Waikato is a member of the Financial Services Complaints Limited Disputes Resolution Scheme (“ FSCL Scheme”) which provides a free independent service which can consider complaints about your Financial Adviser if complaints are not resolved.

What you can expect

All representatives of Futurisk Waikato follow the Six Step Financial Process:

  • Introduce ourselves and our areas of expertise, and then agree on areas of Advice that you need – Establish terms of our engagement and services required and expected.
  • Get to know you and gather all necessary information about your current situation – Identify your specific needs and objectives.
  • We then Analyse your circumstances – Research appropriate options/products – Develop strategies to meet your needs and objectives.
  • Prepare a Statement of Advice – a written report with our recommendations and why they are appropriate to your needs.
  • Present our recommendations – check you understand them and you are happy with these, then help Implement any agreed recommendations, by helping you complete the necessary paperwork, such as Insurance or Loan Applications.
  • Monitor the implementation, and once implemented - review these strategies and actions on a regular basis, to ensure they remain appropriate to your needs.

We also provide assistance during claim times, and re-fixing home loans.

Please e-mail, text, or phone Futurisk Waikato if you would like us to send you an introduction letter. You can also view a Disclosure Statement, and a Scope of Service from our Principal Adviser Mark Henderson. You can also request a Disclosure Statement and Scope of Service for Martyn Todd, which can be emailed or posted out to you.