• Are you happy with the rate that your home loan is reducing and the costs, such as interest?
  • Are you getting good value for your insurance premiums?
  • Are you comfortable that you and your loved ones would be looked after if you suffered an injury or illness that reduced or stopped your income for a while?

''If you are concerned with any of the above, then let one of our Financial Advisers come and have a look so we can provide you with good value and great advice'''

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Why choose Futurisk Waikato?

Futurisk Waikato is a business that provides specialised advice on personal risk insurance plans to protect you, your family, and your income, so you avoid financial crisis. We also provide personalised advice on debt reduction, including structuring debt, debt consolidation, and reducing Interest costs so we can help you get the best out of your new and existing home loans. These are some of the most important factors that many New Zealand households have to consider and Futurisk Waikato can help provide you with good value and great advice.

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